Practice Areas

Conveyancing and Dispute Settlement

(i) Litigation services before the Subordinate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.
(ii) Representation before arbitration tribunals
(iii) Representation before the tax appeals tribunal, lands tribunal and other quasi- judicial fora
(iv) Probate and succession (administration of deceased’s estates advisory services under intestate as well as testate-wills (registration and proving of wills etc)
(v) Domestic relations/family law/divorce, judicial separation; property adjustment, child custody, maintenance and affiliation
(vi) Conveyancing/processing of real property title transfer, including the conversion of customary land to statutory land advisory and processing services
(vii) Registration mortgages, charges, debentures; and
(viii) Corporate criminal defense and white-collar crimes.tribunal

Tax, Banking and Finance

(i) Banking law compliance advisory service.
(ii) Financial markets (derivatives, bonds, treasury bills) legal advisory services.
(iii) Micro-finance law advisory services.
(iv) Corporate insolvency.
(v) Taxation of corporate' s, individuals and non-profit organizations, including up to date available tax incentive for different types of entities, businesses.
(vi) Lending, project & corporate finance.
(vii) Finance structured Agreements.
(viii) Capital markets, securities and financial aspects.
(ix) Procedures for listing on stock exchange etc.
(x) Insurance law compliance advisory services.
(xi) Pension funds establishment and compliance advisory services.
(xii) Trust and Fund management advisory services.

Energy, Mining and Corporate Advisory

(i) General Corporate Advisory
(ii) Business registrations, setting up of a wide range of businesses, and company secretarial.
(iii) Receivership's and liquidations.
(iv) Competition aspects of the law as it relates to businesses
(v) Mergers and Acquisitions.
(vi) Public procurement and Government Law.
(vii) Mining, Environment and Energy projects and infrastructure, advisory
(viii) Protection of Copyrights, Patents and Trade Marks (Intellectual Property)
(ix) Due diligence.
(x) Regulatory Impact Assessment



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