Conveyancing and Dispute Settlement

  • Commercial litigation before the Commercial List Division of the High Court for Zambia.
  • Civil litigation before the Subordinate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.
  • Commercial arbitration representation before Arbitral Tribunals.
  • Representation before the Tax Appeals Tribunal, Lands Tribunal and other quasi-judicial fora.
  • Probate and succession (administration of deceased’s estates advisory services under intestate as well as testate-wills (drafting of Wills and Testaments, registration and proving of wills etc).
  • Creation and registration of Trusts and Settlements.
  • Domestic relations/family law/divorce, judicial separation, property adjustment, child custody, maintenance and affiliation.
  • Conveyancing/processing of real property title transfer, including the conversion of customary land to statutory land advisory and processing services.
  • Creation and registration mortgages, charges, debentures.
  • Corporate criminal defense and white-collar crimes.
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