About Equitas Legal Practitioners

Company Overview

Equitas Legal Practitioners (“The Firm” or “Equitas”) is a Zambian registered law firm providing contemporary commercial law/corporate legal services. 

Equitas is founded on a strong belief that professional and efficient legal service is excellent for your business. It is regulated by the Law Association of Zambia, registered under the Registration of Business Names Act No. 16 of 2011 and other relevant regulatory agencies.

The Firm’s familiarity with the legal aspects that inform the Zambian economy, including capital markets, banking, corporate finance, energy, mining and employment contribute significantly towards the successful outcome of projects which are internationally benchmarked and locally informed.

Values of the Firm

Being Professional and Efficient: Excellent for Business

We discharge our obligations with the highest levels of competency, integrity and in an ethical manner.

We endeavor to achieve optimum results using the most feasible time and resources for a given task.

Our services shall at all times be of the highest merit and quality to guarantee customer satisfaction on any given task.

Our services shall at all times be offered with due and just regard to the interests of our clients.

Presence and collaborations across the globe

Equitas is an Associate Member /Legal Advisor with the China Collaborative Group
(“CCG”) or Horizons Group headquartered in Shanghai China which is an association
made up of business and legal advisors who work together to provide clients with smart
corporate solutions that effectively facilitate cross-border activities and all their related
aspects between China and other continents.

Equitas is also a member of Consulegis, a leading international network of quality
independent mid-sized and boutique commercial law firms and other advisory
professional firms, as well as in-house counsels, that provides clients with access to the
knowledge, experience, skills and resources they need to thrive on a global scale.
Our presence and collaboration with fellow legal and other experts across the globe
ensures that client’s interests both local and cross border are experience an excellent

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