Equitas Legal Practitioners (“The Firm” or “Equitas”) is a Zambian registered law firm providing Corporate legal services. Equitas is founded on a strong belief that professional and efficient legal service is excellent for your business. It is regulated by the Law Association of Zambia, registered under the Registration of Business Names Act No. 16 of 2011 and other relevant regulatory agencies.

The Firm is a multi-skilled legal practice with key areas of practice in Corporate Advisory services, Dispute Resolution/Settlement-Litigation, Debt recoveries, perfection of Securities
(various forms of charges and mortgages), general Corporate Advisory (compliance to regulatory requirements, company restructuring, liquidation processes, corporate insolvency management, corporate governance etc.) Energy, Mining and Environmental projects advisory
services, Commercial transactions, Conveyancing and Real Estate, Employment Law, and public policy, public and private enterprises partnerships.

At Equitas, we take time to understand client’s overall business objectives and background so that we are able to anticipate the legal risks and implications and offer the best possible legal service in any given circumstance within the confines of the law applicable. 




We discharge our obligations with the highest levels of competency, integrity and in an ethical manner.


We endeavor to achieve optimum results using the most feasible time and resources for a given task.


Our services shall at all times be of the highest merit and quality to guarantee customer satisfaction on any given task.


Our services shall at all times be offered with due and just regard to the interests of our clients.