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Zambia’s electricity sector is largely dependent on hydropower. With the decline in water levels due to climate change, there has been rise in the use of alternative energy sources. Potential areas of investment are: 

  • Renewable Energy Sector mainly comprising of water, solar, wind and bio-, energy. Investors can opt to set up firms offering solar home systems, minigrids or microgrids etc
  • Electricity/Power Sector; Investors may set up infrastructure for the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity through hydro, thermal, solar etc
  • Petroleum and Gas – Investors may set up firms for purposes of Distribution, Import, Export, Retailing and Transportation of Petroleum Products , Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG), Heavy Fuel Oil e.t.c

Entry into the energy sector is subject to fulfilling the necessary legal and regulatory requirements that are in place.

Since independence, Zambia has been ranked as one of the world’s major copper producers and the largest cobalt producer. Zambia has a variety of minerals such as Copper, cobalt and gold and also semi minerals such as emeralds and gemstones. Generally, the geology of Zambia shows “great potential for further investment in mining.”

The Government is currently promoting foreign participation in mining value chains and industrialization, exploitation of gemstones and other minerals and petroleum and gas exploitation.  

The investment opportunities include: large scale mining, exploration and artisan operations, production and processing of minerals in mining areas that have been spread across Zambia. Entry into the sector is also subject to fulfilling the necessary legal and regulatory requirements

Zambia has seen a rise in modern structure development. Infrastructure development remains a major challenge to growth, economic diversification, and human development. Accordingly, Infrastructure development is expected to continue to rise as Zambia develops. Key infrastructure includes National Airports, offices, schools, hospitals, housing, generation and transmission networks and other infrastructure.

Like most countries, modes of transportation include water, rail, air and roads, Zambia is currently focusing on the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, rail and bridges in various parts of the country aimed at improving road networks. These infrastructural developments have mainly been undertaken by major international contractors.

To invest in this sector, there is need to comply with the necessary legal and regulatory requirements which includes participation through Public Private Partnerships and undergoing the public procurement bidding processes which are comparatively easier.

Manufacturing industry is also one of the sectors with so much investment opportunities as it has a lot of potential to be exploited since commodities in Zambia are mostly imported. There is a growing desire of having home manufactured goods and services. It is spread across the key sectors of the economy and will include goods and services such as clothing, food, medicines, machinery and equipment, spare parts, building and other materials etc

Interested in investing in energy, mining, infrastructure development and manufacturing, Equitas prides itself in offering top primer legal services and facilitates the entry of both local and international investors in these sectors.

With tourism being at the epitome of revenue generating sectors of the country, an intending investor as an opportunity to invest in:

Hotel industry and wildlife; with a number of tourists coming into the country the development of hotels, holiday resorts in identified and famous tourist destination of the country present an excellent investment opportunity. With Zambia’s abundant nature and wilderness Eco-tourism and adventure activities offers an exciting investment opportunity for investors under the tourism concession agreements with the Ministry of Tourism and Arts.  Zambia currently has 20 national parks, 36 game management areas and 1 bird sanctuary. Recreational facilities such as casinos and betting houses is also another great investment opportunity as this particular activity has since a rapid increase and participation by both local and international tourists.

Agriculture being the backbone of the Zambian economy, for investors investing not less than USD 500,000 in the following agricultural related subsectors: Floriculture, Horticulture, Production and processing of the following products in the textiles sector: cotton, cotton yam, fabric and agro processing and Aquaculture or fish farming

An investor may explore its fertile tracts of land and produce crop for local consumption and export.

Zambia is blessed with vast amount of land vast enough to accommodate any investor within the provided legal bounds.

An Investor who is a residence permit holder or a foreign company at least 75% Zambian shareholding, an Investor with issued with an Investment Licence and one with special consent from the President is permitted by law to hold land in Zambia. This provides an opportunity for Investors to acquire land for either real estate purposes, agriculture and other uses in actualizing their investment opportunities in Zambia. Equitas is on hand to necessitate the various conveyances and acquisitions on behalf of the Client.

The firm supports cross range of services in Banking, Finance and Fintech Department including regulatory approvals, regulatory interface, operational support, corporate restructures and technical advisory services. Our clients include Banks, Financial Institutions and Fintech companies. Specifically we support:

  • Banking law compliance advisory service
  • Financial markets (derivatives, bonds, treasury bills) legal advisory services.
  • Fintech licensing and operational support.
  • Microfinance law advisory services.
  • Corporate insolvency.
  • Taxation of corporates, individuals and non-profit organizations, including up to date available tax incentive for different types of entities and businesses.
  • Lending, project and corporate financing
  • Finance structured Agreements.
  • Capital markets, securities and financial aspects
  • Procedures for listing on the securities exchange.
  • Pension funds establishment and compliance advisory services.
  • Trust and Fund management advisory services
  • Insurance law advisory

Investment of not less than US$250,000.00 in any sector or product not provided for as a priority sector or product is entitled to non-fiscal incentives such as investment guarantees and protection against state nationalization and free facilitation for application of immigration permits, secondary licenses, land acquisitions and utilities. In addition, investors who invest in Zambia enjoy free repatriation of profits and dividends, business cannot be compulsorily acquired by government except in extreme circumstances, protection against non-commercial risks, as Zambia is a signatory of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement (MIGA) and Africa Trade Insurance Agency, Impartial forum for resolving disputes and special bilateral Investor Protection Agreements exist while new ones can be entered into.

Investments of not less than US$500,000.00 in the Multi Facility Economic Zones (MFEZ), an industrial Park, a priority sector and invest in a Rural Enterprise is entitled to zero percent tax on dividends for 5 years from year of first declaration of dividends, zero percent tax on profits for 5 years from the first five years of operation and zero percent import duty rate on capital goods, machinery including specialized motor vehicles for five years as well as non-fiscal incentives.

  • Corporate tax of 0% for an initial period of 5 years from the first-year profits
  • Dividends being exempted from tax for 5 years from the first year of declaration
  • Suspension on custom duty to 0% for 5 years on machinery and equipment Immigration

An investor’s permit is issued to a foreigner who is above the age of 18 years intending to establish business or invest in Zambia or who has established or invested in a business in Zambia, or is joining an already existing company.

Companies that hold a Certificate of Registration and invest a minimum of US$250,000.00 and employs a minimum of 200 employees shall entitled to investors permit for up to five expatriate employees.