Equitas Legal Practitioners

Commercial Lawyers, Conveyancers and Consultants

Equitas Legal Practitioners (“The Firm” or “Equitas”) is a Zambian registered law firm providing contemporary commercial law/corporate legal services.

Equitas is founded on a strong belief that professional and efficient legal service is excellent for your business. It is regulated by the Law Association of Zambia, registered under the Registration of Business Names Act No. 16 of 2011 and other relevant regulatory agencies.

Presence and collaborations across the globe

Equitas is a member of Consulegis, a leading international network of quality independent mid-sized and boutique commercial law firms and other advisory professional firms, as well as in-house counsels, that provides clients with access to the knowledge, experience, skills and resources they need to thrive on a global scale.

Equitas is an Associate Member /Legal Advisor with the China Collaborative Group
(“CCG”) or Horizons Group headquartered in Shanghai China.

Equitas is also a member of Savannah Law Network which is a network of African Law Firms and Legal Practitioners facilitating cross border transactions by providing an end to end solution for cross border services in line with the aspirations of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA)

General Corporate Advisory, Energy Projects & Infrastructure
  • Drafting and reviewing of power purchase/ supply agreements (electricity), development agreements between developers/ investors and Government and EPC contracts.
  • Environmental law advisory services.
  • Competition aspects of the law as it relates to businesses.
  • Public Procurement Law.
  • Mining and Energy projects and infrastructure advisory services.
  • Protection of Copyrights, Patents and Trade Marks (Intellectual Property).
  • Due diligences on a range of issues.
  • Business Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs).
  • General Corporate Advisory services
  • Business setup and post set up compliances
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements (1) Company Corporate Insolvency (2) Managerial restructuring (3)Bankruptcy
  • Commercial litigation before the Commercial List Division of the High Court for Zambia.
  • Civil litigation before the Subordinate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.
  • Commercial arbitration representation before Arbitral Tribunals.
  • Representation before the Tax Appeals Tribunal, Lands Tribunal and other quasi-judicial fora
  • Domestic relations/family law/divorce, judicial separation, property adjustment, child custody, maintenance and affiliation.
  • Corporate criminal defense and white-collar crimes
  • Representing Claimants before Arbitration panels
  • Defending Respondents before Arbitration panels
  • Debt Recoveries
  • Probate and succession (administration of deceased’s estates advisory services under intestate as well as estate-wills (drafting of Wills and Testaments, registration and proving of wills etc.)Creation and registration of Trusts and Settlements.
  • Conveyancing/ processing of real property title transfer, including the conversion of customary land to statutory land advisory and processing services
  • Creation and registration of Trusts and Settlements.
  • Creation and registration mortgages, charges, debentures.
  • Banking law compliance advisory service.
  • Financial markets (derivatives, bonds, treasury bills) legal advisory services.
  • Microfinance law advisory services.
  • Corporate insolvency.
  • Taxation of corporates, individuals and non-profit organizations, including up to date available tax incentive for different types of entities and businesses.
  • Lending, project and corporate financing.
  • Finance structured Agreements.
  • Capital markets, securities and financial aspects.
  • Procedures for listing on stock exchange (LUSE)etc.
  • Pension funds establishment and compliance advisory services.
  • Trust and Fund management advisory services.
  • Pensions and Insurance Law compliance advisory services.
  • Pension funds establishment and compliance advisory services.
  • Holding assets or funds before they are transferred from one party to another.
  • Holding of funds or the asset pending contractual requirements and confirmation of fulfilment of those requirements.
  • Escrow agency available in numerous transactions including cross border financing agreements, real estate and other commercial arrangements.
  • Filings before the COMESA Competition Commission based in Lilongwe, Malawi

  • Competition law, mergers & Acquisitions for both local & cross border transactions
  • Acting as company secretary for both private and public companies
  • Compliance to all legal legal statutory requirements
  • Compliance to corporate Governance practices